The Orange County Cemetery District

Cemeteries for Residents of Orange County

The Orange County Cemetery District Cemeteries, located in the county of Orange are the 3 district cemeteries for the residents of Orange county. El Toro memorial Park, Santa Ana Cemetery and Anaheim Cemetery. They are very different in core values and mission statement then corporate owned cemeteries that has to answer to the shareholders.

El Toro Memorial

Mission Statement

The mission statement is clear and measurables when you walk the grounds of any cemetery in the district, stated: “The Orange County Cemetery District manages and maintains Orange County’s public cemeteries in a manner that preserves their beauty, dignity, historical and cultural values, and offers affordable interment service for County residents.” The key here is the affordability of using the district cemetery over a corporate owned or private cemetery.

New Fourth District Cemetery

New and upcoming is a fourth District cemetery. At the Dec. 4, 2018 County of Orange Board of Supervisors Meeting, 283.3 acres of land near the junction of the 241 Toll Road and CA State Route 91 were conveyed to the District, with the stipulation that half of the developable land be set aside for a veterans cemetery.


For many years the Veterans have been asking for a cemetery that can serve our families that live away from the Riverside veterans cemetery making visitation closer to OC residents. If not for the veterans insistence for a cemetery the district may not have dedicated the much needed land for this project. Thanks to the Veterans and the partnership with the Orange County district cemetery we now have the fourth OC District cemetery coming soon.

This joining of forces will most certainly make this cemetery a poster child for all district cemeteries in providing affordable burials for all of us that live in the OC and adjoining counties. Contact us at American Headstones Company for more information on cemetery rules and regulations.

The Author

Josh Rapozo

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