The following engraving styles on granite are available:

Standard Engraving

  • Typical on most granite headstones. Here the letters are cut into the polished face and filled with black or white ink lithographic inks.

Standard Engraving_sm

Raised Polished

  • Here letters appear to be raised above the background which has been cut away. The background is filled with lithographic inks.

Raised Polished Engraving_sm

Deep Cut in a Sanded Panel

  • Here the background is blasted away then Standard Engraving inside the background to give the marker a deeper look.

Deep Cut in Sanded Panel_sm

Text Styles (Fonts)

  • Text style is unlimited to the available texts on the internet today. Our experience with text and legibility once the grave stone is completed shows the following choices to be favorites. Italics, Roman with calligraphy lettering, Calligraphy, Chancery and classic Bold letters.