Resurrection Cemetery

Resurrection Cemetery in Los Angeles, Ca

Though there are a huge number of graveyards across the world associated with the name resurrection cemetery, one of the most famous is in Los Angeles, Ca. This particular burial ground is strongly tied to the famous ghost story of Resurrection Mary, whom motorists have claimed to have seen and even talked with for many years. This ghost story seems to be a version of the classic urban legend of “the woman in white”, and there are a number of similar stories all over the United States.

The Legend of Resurrection Mary and the Resurrection Cemetery

Resurrection CemeteryThe story is a fairly simple one, and it’s often been retold with little details changed. A car is driving down the road, and it slows to pick up a woman who’s hitchhiking. She’s unusual for the night, wearing a white party dress and dancing shoes, sometimes a shawl. A white woman, she has pale blond hair, and bright blue eyes. She’s polite, but she’s often cold. When the car approaches the Resurrection Cemetery she asks the driver to slow. She proceeds to get out, and then vanishes into the cemetery. The story never says what happens after this point, though the actions of different sightings vary.

The story behind the apparition is that Mary had spent the evening out with her boyfriend at the Oh Henry Barn. They’d been dancing, but at some point had a disagreement. Mary left, option to walk home in the cold rather than talk to him anymore. She was hit by a driver, who left her at the scene to die. Mary’s parents found her body, and opted to bury her in the Resurrection Cemetery in the same white dress and dancing shoes she’d been wearing the night she was hit. The driver, according to the legend, was never found.

The legend of Resurrection Mary, and the accompanying story of the Resurrection Cemetery is one of a few truly popular ghost stories in California. It is not, however, the only ghost story to be reported year after year. Others include the Hispanic myth of La Llorona, the weeping woman who drowned her children to be with a man who left her when he found out what she’d done. The story of the Hook Man, the escaped mental patient who nearly kills two teens at lover’s lane, is also said to have been started near Los Angeles, Ca. When it comes to famous boneyards, the City of Angele’s doesn’t skimp on ghouls.

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