Headstones Purchase and Placement Rules and Regulations

Headstones Rules and Regulations

Rules and Regulations for the headstones purchase and placement in a cemetery must always be followed. Consumers must always call the cemetery first before purchasing from outside vendors. Cemeteries are responsible for setting the standard on material, size and types of allowable adornments that can be mounted on the face of the marker. Some cemeteries only allow Bronze markers while others will allow both Bronze and granite headstones. The type of headstone or monument can vary, some cemeteries allow vertical monuments, slants and pillow and flat grass type markers. Always call the cemetery to check these requirements as to not disappoint you with a rejection due to not meeting the specification. Of course the cemeteries reserve the right to change specifications as they see necessary.


We at American Headstones Company try to keep abreast of the cemeteries rules and regulations within the state of California by calling on behalf of the families when we are unsure of a size or material that is needed. We can submit a simple drawing detailing the marker design to the cemetery if needed to clarify the design. Once the cemetery has a chance to review and approve we can then proceed with the design.

The responsibility of meeting the requirements of the cemetery is always in the hands of the consumer. You can rest assured and shop with confidence by calling your cemetery first and getting approvals for size, material and all restrictions for the gravesite that you plan to mark.

We at American Headstones Company try to provide informative data for consumers and may fall short at times due to changes made by cemeteries on an annual basis that we are not aware of. So again its always wise to check first with your cemetery before buying a deal on the internet.

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Josh Rapozo

American Headstone Company is a family business located in southern California. We have been in business since 1983 offering beautiful Granite memorial stones and cast Bronze flat markers and Bronze memorial plates. We are Orange Counties premier supplier of granite markers to the cemetery industry, offering both flat and vertical grave markers. Our expertise is in the custom design of each headstone, cremation marker, pet marker, tombstone, granite memorial plate, flat cemetery markers and stone monuments.