Custom Monuments and Headstones

online-headstoneCustom Monuments are handcrafted works of art. These monuments are offered in many designs, colors and sizes. Always check with your cemetery for acceptance of custom designs. Josh Rapozo or American Headstones can create almost any custom monument and headstone you can imagine. The creative minds at American Headstones are hard at work making sure you have all options available for your custom monument, marker or headstone. For ordering a custom monument, contact American Headstones at (949) 228-7055 and speak with Josh Rapozo.

All cemeteries have their own specific rules and regulations or what they will allow to be installed into their cemetery. This means that it is extremely important for you the customer to understand and have a copy in writing of these rules and regulations. If the cemeteries rules and regulations are not followed the cemetery has the right to refuse the delivery of your marker or monument.

For more information on a custom monument, marker or headstone, contact American Headstones at (949) 228-7055. Ask for Josh Rapozo and speak with Josh about all options available for your custom monument.