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Headstone Paint Has Changed in Chemistry Over The Past 10 years

Black Ledger Headstone

Headstone Paint Has Changed in Chemistry Litho chrome paints are the paint of choice when filling in engraved letters or art on granite headstones. The headstone paint has changed in chemistry over the past 10 years. Here in California with some of the highest EPA standards for paints and chemicals which are highly regulated for […]

How to Get Covid-19 Fema Funeral Expenses Assistance

FEMA funeral assistance

Covid-19 FEMA Funeral Expenses Assistance Your funeral expenses for your loved one that have died due to covid 19 can be covered once you are approved by going thru the proper application set out by FEMA Funeral Expenses Assistance. Here is the web site to get started: For more information about this assistance, visit COVID-19 […]

Headstone Repair and Engraving Services


American Headstones Company Provides Headstone Repair and Engraving We at American Headstones Company have been in business for several decades now and we pride ourselves in the ability to transform ideas from paper into a beautiful work of art. Using the tools of the industry we can do headstone repair and engraving using traditional sand […]

The Orange County Cemetery District

Santa Ana Cemetery

Cemeteries for Residents of Orange County The Orange County Cemetery District Cemeteries, located in the county of Orange are the 3 district cemeteries for the residents of Orange county. El Toro memorial Park, Santa Ana Cemetery and Anaheim Cemetery. They are very different in core values and mission statement then corporate owned cemeteries that has […]

Headstones Purchase and Placement Rules and Regulations


Headstones Rules and Regulations Rules and Regulations for the headstones purchase and placement in a cemetery must always be followed. Consumers must always call the cemetery first before purchasing from outside vendors. Cemeteries are responsible for setting the standard on material, size and types of allowable adornments that can be mounted on the face of […]

COVID-19 Update at American Headstones Company


COVID-19 Update Here at American Headstones Company we are continually trying to offer the best customer service possible while offering the best products as possible. During this time of mourning for you and your family while the COVID-19 virus pandemic is happening we want to try our best to maintain our exceptional experience while still […]

Shopping Online for Cheap Headstones


Looking for a Headstones Deal Online There are many offerings for cheap Headstones on the internet today. Companies advertise great prices with free shipping anywhere in the USA. Some Companies mass produce granite headstones using traditional engraving or laser etched designs with color paints that look like works of art. Buyers are unaware first of […]

Litho Chrome Ink Used for Engraved Letters

Onsite Engraving Headstone

Litho Chrome Inks for Lasting Endurance in Granite Engravings Headstones have always used tried and tested litho chrome ink for lasting endurance in granite engravings when installed in open air environments. They have stood up to the test for many years before they start to degrade and flake off. Until recently these Inks sold in […]

Innovative Designs for Granite Headstones

Porcelain Photo Granite Headstone

High Quality Granite Headstones Granite Headstones have evolved over the last 10 years with innovative designs, mainly due to the North American Monument Builders Association efforts in educating and promoting business ideas. Almost all suppliers today use high quality granite from overseas suppliers. These flat granite blocks are precision cut to size and surfaces are […]

Granite Markers and Specifications for Los Angeles Cemeteries

specifications granite marker

Specifications for Granite and Bronze Markers American Headstones Company started in the Los Angeles area in 1997. We have worked with families that have buried loved ones in Los Angeles cemeteries such as Little Lake, Rose Hills, Artesia, Holy cross, Mt. Sinai and many other cemeteries thru out the County. All cemeteries require specifications for […]