Cremation Wall Bronze Plates

Bronze Dogwood

Bronze Plates and Installation Services If you are shopping for a bronze wall plate to be installed in a cremation garden at the Orange County District Cemeteries which include El Toro Memorial Park, Santa Ana Cemetery and Anaheim Cemetery then look no further. We have been supplying 3×5” and 4×6” solid Bronze plates that can […]

Affordable Burial Options in Orange County

burial options

Orange County Cemetery District is made up of 3 local cemeteries allowing for affordable burial options in Orange County for all families. Cemeteries that are included are El Toro Memorial Park, Santa Ana Cemetery and Anaheim Cemetery. These cemeteries offer a beautiful maintained area to visit loved ones. The cemetery does not offer mortuary services […]

Can a Bronze Flat Marker or Cremation Wall Plate be Re-Finished

Bronze Colors

This is a question that we are asked quite often. Many people are purchasing a bronze flat marker or bronze cremation wall plates. These Plates and Markers are mostly mounted outside in the grassy lawns or cremation open walls in different parts of the cemetery. These are subject to all the watering, sunlight, rain and […]

Our Orange County Cemetery Selections

cemetery selections

When shopping for funeral services in Orange County California for the first time, finding a starting point can be very aggravating and confusing. There will be ads on TV, door to door pamphlets and mailers stating that they are caring, loving and only want the best for your loved ones. Where do you start? Do […]

Porcelain Cameos Used on Headstones

pure porcelain cameos

Porcelain photographs have been recognized and used on memorial headstones and monuments for decades now. Starting in the early 1800’s these memorial portraits were mainly used on European monuments and in Black and white. During the migration of Europeans coming to America they brought this feature with them. Today with the advent of color printers […]

Here Are Our Cemetery Selections

American Headstones Cemetery Selections We at American Headstones Company have dealt with many cemeteries in the past 20 years and find that this industry is very hard to navigate thru for the consumer at time of death. There are basically 2 major players here in California. One being the Roman Archdiocese or Catholic Church Cemeteries […]

Headstone Manufacturing During Covid

headstone manufacturing

American Headstones Company and many others today are experiencing some major challenges in conducting business and headstone manufacturing during Covid pandemic. Business is not as usual and is filled with opportunity for those willing to change or they fall into disastrous pits for those who choose not to employ different ways of conducting their business. […]

Our Choices for Local Cemeteries in Los Angeles

los angeles cemeteries

Over the past 5 years we have developed a favorites list of local cemeteries in Los Angeles that we serve. These cemeteries have incorporated a smooth process for working with outside vendors such as ourselves when making deliveries, approving drawings or just getting our questions answered on a timely basis. Families have a time frame […]

Shopping for a Flat Granite Headstone in Los Angeles

flat granite headstone in los angeles

Shopping for a flat granite headstone or a flat Bronze headstone can be challenging for the first time shopper. We have been in business since 1997 first located in Norwalk, California and later moving to Orange County. We have served the Los Angeles area cemeteries and now reach as far south as San Diego creating […]

Headstone Paint Has Changed in Chemistry Over The Past 10 years

Black Ledger Headstone

Headstone Paint Has Changed in Chemistry Litho chrome paints are the paint of choice when filling in engraved letters or art on granite headstones. The headstone paint has changed in chemistry over the past 10 years. Here in California with some of the highest EPA standards for paints and chemicals which are highly regulated for […]