The Orange County Cemetery District

Santa Ana Cemetery

Cemeteries for Residents of Orange County The Orange County Cemetery District Cemeteries, located in the county of Orange are the 3 district cemeteries for the residents of Orange county. El Toro memorial Park, Santa Ana Cemetery and Anaheim Cemetery. They are very different in core values and mission statement then corporate owned cemeteries that has […]

Headstones Purchase and Placement Rules and Regulations


Headstones Rules and Regulations Rules and Regulations for the headstones purchase and placement in a cemetery must always be followed. Consumers must always call the cemetery first before purchasing from outside vendors. Cemeteries are responsible for setting the standard on material, size and types of allowable adornments that can be mounted on the face of […]

Rose Hills Cemetery located in Whittier California

Rosehills Memorial Park American Headstones Company

Rose Hills Cemetery located in Whittier California Rose Hills Cemetery located in Whittier, California is a very large cemetery with roaming hills. They are a full service provider that is owned by the SCI corporation. Due to its size and complexity there are many rules and regulations that apply to each gravesite. The cemetery is […]

COVID-19 Update at American Headstones Company


COVID-19 Update Here at American Headstones Company we are continually trying to offer the best customer service possible while offering the best products as possible. During this time of mourning for you and your family while the COVID-19 virus pandemic is happening we want to try our best to maintain our exceptional experience while still […]

Pacific View Cemetery in Corona Del Mar

Pacific View Cemetery Corona Del Mar Ca

Pacific View Cemetery, One the Most Prestigious Location in Southern California Pacific View Cemetery, Corona Del Mar, Calif. Located along the most beautiful coast line in Southern California offers rolling hills and grand views of the Southern California coast lines. Indeed one the most prestigious location in Southern California. When deciding on purchasing a Headstone […]

Pierce Brothers Valley Oaks Memorial Parks in Los Angeles

Pierce Brothers Valley Oaks Memorial Parks in Los Angeles Pierce Brothers Valley Oaks Memorial Park in Westlake Village is among the most beautiful memorial parks in the Los Angeles neighboring Ventura County. When shopping for a memorial headstone, complete ledger or a vertical monument always consider American Headstone Company. We provide complete services in designing […]

Farsi Poems Engraved on Granite Memorials

farsi engraving granite memorials

Engraving Farsi Poems on Granite Headstones and Monuments An important part of our business is the ability to help families express their love thru ethnic writings in native languages. We at American Headstones Company can engrave Farsi, Arabic, Chinese, Korean, Spanish and most any foreign writings on granite memorials, monuments and bronze castings. With your […]

The Beautiful Los Angeles Cemeteries in Southern California

Los Angeles Cemeteries and Products Allowed There are many beautiful cemeteries located in the Los Angeles California area. At American Headstones Company, we deliver to all of them. If you are shopping for a headstone in the Los Angeles area it is very important to talk with the cemetery about what they allow and get […]

Santa Ana Cemetery and Headstone Cleaning and Re-Inking

santa ana cemetery reinking

Santa Ana Cemetery Cleaning and Re-Inking Does your family have a headstone that has gotten too dirty to read or see any of the engraving on? Or, over the years the ink has faded and chipped out of your granite headstone? Maybe the hard water used for irrigation has left mineral deposits on your flat […]

Shopping for Headstones at El Toro Memorial Park

El Toro Memorial

Shopping for Headstones at El Toro Memorial Park Are you shopping for a headstone for a loved one at El Toro Memorial Park? If so, it is very important to find a company that knows the rules and regulations for the Orange County Cemetery District. This will help make sure the purchase you make is […]