Affordable Burial Options in Orange County

Orange County Cemetery District is made up of 3 local cemeteries allowing for affordable burial options in Orange County for all families. Cemeteries that are included are El Toro Memorial Park, Santa Ana Cemetery and Anaheim Cemetery. These cemeteries offer a beautiful maintained area to visit loved ones. The cemetery does not offer mortuary services but only burials. Because of this their prices are kept affordable for all families. Private cemeteries bundle complete packages and services making the whole experience confusing and costly to the consumer at time of need.

Burial Spaces Decreasing in El Toro Memorial Park

As the inventory of available interment spaces for casket burial rapidly decreases at El Toro Memorial Park and its district cemeteries, demand for these spaces continues to soar. Future planning is in the works today with a completely new Park dedicated for the district to be located in Gypsum Canyon, Chino California. Even if all goes according to plan, this new forth public cemetery, to be located in Gypsum Canyon, will likely not be operational until sometime in 2024 or even 2025. After El Toro Memorial sells out of casket space, families wanting to conduct a full body burial in Orange County will have to purchase space at private cemeteries. Financially, this is simply not an option for most families.

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Cremations have taken a sharp rise in popularity, replacing traditional in ground burials and casket sales for a fraction of the cost. At all district cemeteries this option is still available. What the district cemeteries cannot provide is a crematorium so shopping outside is still required thru the Neptune society and businesses as such offering cremation services.

Cremation Services

When doing cremation services affordably the families will not require a vault for traditional burials, the opening and closing of a gravesite, the numerous handling charges that mortuaries charge and a casket. All of these items when bundled can put such high financial demands on a family during these times.

We at American Headstones Company believe in responsible and respective treatment of our loved ones. We understand that the living must continue after our loved ones have been laid to rest and making good sound choices and not emotional choices that will financially burden your family are best when using your district cemeteries.

The Orange County Cemetery District

The Orange County Cemetery District has been working extremely hard at trying to provide another beautiful place for Veterans and families right here in Orange County, although not successful in finding a site closer to the Irvine area we can all expect a gorgeous new place to lay our loved ones in 2024 at the Gypsum Canyon site. Always call to check with the local district office for updates and options located at 25751 Trabucco Road in the city of Lake Forest.

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