Bronze Wall Plaques

Bronze Wall Plaques with American Headstones

Many cemeteries now offer cremation walls and columns to families as a very cost effective way to memorialize their loved ones. Please check with your cemetery about the exact size and design requirements needed to mark your cremation wall. Many cemeteries here in Orange County require you to use bronze for the plaques and the size is typically a 3″ x 5″ or a 4″ x 6″. Here at American Headstone Company we can work with you to create beautiful custom bronze wall plaques that meets your cemeteries rules and regulations.

A bronze wall plaque usually has the following information on it:

  • Name
  • Dates
  • 4-5 words of endearment
  • 1 clipart design or a picture
  • A small simple line border

5 x 3″ Bronze Niche Plates for EL Toro Memorial, Santa Ana Cemetery, Anaheim Cemetery and Artesia Cemetery. All our bronze cremation niche plates are made per order.

There are 4 different options for 5×3” plates. We offer as much as what will fit on the plate. Due to manufacturing of these, there are some very strict sizes of fonts we have to adhere to. Also in order to keep the font as small as possible, to fit the most on the plates, we have a common font we do in all caps which has resulted in being able to fit the most amount of writing on the plates.

See below for the options:

  1. Plate with a 1.75 x 2.25” photo & writing – These tend to fit the person’s first and last name, dates, the photo and about an additional 4-5 words.
  2. Plate with only writing – These tend to fit the person’s first and last name, dates, and about an additional 8-10 words.
  3. Plate with writing and a clipart design – These tend to fit the person’s first and last name, dates, the clipart and about an additional 4-5 words. Please let me know what you wanted as the clipart and I will try to find something that will work.
  4. Plate with a larger photo only – These are good for when both people who will be placed in the niche have passed and you want to do 2 plates. Usually one plate will be only writing (option 2 above) with both peoples information and the second plate would have a large photo that takes up a majority of the plate. These photos are 2.65” x 3.375”.
  5. Please email me over the information you would like on the plate per the above recommendations. Feel free to include the middle name if you like but we may not be able to fit it, but more than likely we can fit the initial. I will send you back a free layout to see.

    Manufacturing tends to take about 10 weeks to be made and we will deliver it directly to the cemetery. The cemetery is the only one allowed to set it so please make sure you have paid them their setting fee.

    Contact American Headstones today to design your perfect custom bronze cremation wall plaque (949) 228-7055.