How to Refresh your Laser Etched Granite Headstone

Care and cleaning of laser photographs and laser art on headstones and monuments is quite easily accomplished with a little elbow grease.

The granite marker must first be washed and cleaned using a mild detergent and lots of clean water. Use a soft bristle brush to get out all the mud and dirt that has accumulated over time. Then using a pumis stone rub the entire stone to remove most of the calcium buildup from the hard water. This will bring back the original granite gloss. Stay off of any porcelain pictures that are set into the stone for Pumis may scratch the glass finish.

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Once the stone is cleaned and dried then using BLOCK PRINTING INK from Speedball, This needs to be the oil based ink and the color is WHITE. Apply a small dab with a clean soft rag across the laser photo or writing that you want to refinish then polish clean.

This is the most efficient and easy way to refresh your laser etched granite headstone. This will not remove any scratches that may have occurred on your headstone from weed wackers or heavy equipment running across the headstone.

Block Printers ink can be purchased from art suppliers on the internet. For more information on refreshing your laser etched granite headstone, contact American Headstones Company.

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