How to Clean Porcelain Photographs on Headstones

Families often call wanting to know what to do about their loved ones porcelain picture that faded over the years. In most cases the photo did not fade but a nasty buildup of hard water and calcium film has covered both the porcelain photograph and the granite marker. This due to the water that has dried over time very similar to your bathroom tiles or swimming pool tiles at your home.

Headstone Cleaning Services

What we do at American Headstones Company is a quick cleaning and wash. We start with a mild acid etch solution such as vinegar, CLR or any calcium remover from your local cleaning supplier. Be careful to always wear eye and skin protection when working with acidic chemicals. Brush on the acid directly to the Porcelain photo and clean with a soft cloth. You may have to repeat the process until it appears all clear again. Rinse the entire stone with clean water to dilute the acid. To neutralize the PH use a solution of Baking soda and water and wash the stone and dry it.

Once neutralized now begin to clean the granite stone with a Pumis stone. Rub the granite only with firm rubbing pressure until all the white calcium buildup is gone and the granite begins to shine again.

Finish with a good granite polish from your local hardware store.

The Author

Josh Rapozo

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