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When a loved one passes away, you’ll want to make sure that they’ll be remembered for years to come. One way to do this is to have a custom headstone prepared for them from the experts at American Headstones. We can provide you with any headstone Los Angeles cemeteries will accept while fulfilling any requests that your loved one may have made. We can offer a beautiful headstone made out of either bronze or granite, and we also offer a choice between vertical and flat headstones that best reflect how you want your loved one remembered. If you would like to order a custom headstone for your loved one, contact American Headstones today at (949) 228-7055.

photo-headstoneOur experts can also offer you a choice between traditionally etched stones or laser-etched stones depending on your needs or your loved one’s wishes. We’ll take the time to make sure that your headstone is completed without any flaws or misspellings, and we’ll work with you to keep it affordable. As one of the top suppliers of granite headstones in the area, you can be sure that we’ll provide the highest quality that we can because we know that each and every headstone cemeteries display deserves special respect and attention.

Placing a Photo on a Headstone

Another way to keep your loved one’s memory in your heart is to have a photo placed on their headstone, which allows you to remember them as they were in life. We can add porcelain photographs that have been fired into porcelain bases to any of our headstones. All you have to do is provide us with a photo that you think will fit how you want your friend or family member remembered, or you can also provide a picture that they may have wanted on their headstone. We can glue them onto vertical stones or have them cast into flat stones. Our photo placement option can give your loved one a headstone that friends and relatives will revere for years to come, and our photos will last for decades.

Before you choose a headstone, you should always have a written copy of the cemetery’s rules and regulations to ensure that your plans are in compliance. Once you’re sure, then we’ll do our best to have both your photo and any sentiments you wish to engrave ready in a short time. American Headstones has worked for over 30 years to ensure that people like your loved one have a headstone Los Angeles cemeteries will proudly display, and we’ll work hard for you. For more information on purchasing a headstone in Los Angeles, contact American Headstones and speak with Josh Rapozo at (949) 228-7055.

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American Headstone Company is a family business located in southern California. We have been in business since 1983 offering beautiful Granite memorial stones and cast Bronze flat markers and Bronze memorial plates. We are Orange Counties premier supplier of granite markers to the cemetery industry, offering both flat and vertical grave markers. Our expertise is in the custom design of each headstone, cremation marker, pet marker, tombstone, granite memorial plate, flat cemetery markers and stone monuments.