How to Select Designs for Multiple Grave Headstones

Multiple Grave Headstone Designs with American Headstones Company

When considering purchasing a headstone where one stone is used to define 2 people on a multiple gravesite, families don’t stop to think about the complexities of the final engraving for the last person. Usually families cannot bear the thought of having the living spouse’s name and date of birth placed on the stone along with the first person. This can be defined by some as being “Creepie”, “scarey” or even “bad luck”. Whatever the case may be, the last dates and final engraving will have to be done at the cemetery or in some cases where cemeteries do not allow outside contractors to perform work on site unless you purchase the service from them you will have to remove the marker and send it out to an outside contractor. In this case you will be charged a removal and re-installation fee by the cemetery along with the engraving charges for the final person. If you would like more information on selecting designs for multiple grave headstones, contact American Headstones at (949) 228-7055 and speak with Josh Rapozo.

photo-headstoneOf course the best decision would be to purchase a single grave or two side by side, companion grave sites. Multiple graves (one on top of the other) usually are least costly but have requirements for a single stone that will be used for 2 persons, most families leave the right side open or blank until needed. Some cemeteries allow two single markers to be placed on multiple graves but they are few and far between.

Our recommendation to families when dealing with a single stone for two people is to complete the first persons information and design in the second person today because it comes with the purchase price today. Leave the date of death open for the second person and at time of need you will only be charged for the last date. Even if you get the service done through your cemetery the charges will be minimal.

Engraving Prices in 2015 start at $170 for the first 20 letters and $4 a letter after. If you are placing a photo in the field then charges may range as high $400 for the porcelain photo plus the core charge to cut the photo hole in the field. Some suppliers charge an installation fee for photos when working in the field.

Cemetery removal fees range from $120 to as high as $700. Check with your cemetery before purchasing property. District cemeteries are your best buy in Orange County, California. They have beautiful settings and prices are unmatched. El Toro Memorial Park operates 3 district cemeteries in Southern California.

When purchasing a headstone, granite is your most economical and sturdiest material. Bronze is expensive and has limited art capabilities due to the casting process. The life of Bronze is depending on location but in Orange county cemeteries we find extreme damage to the Bronze surfaces after 10-15 years. Flaking and corrosion is to be expected where extreme watering is seen. Granite is a little more forgiving with litho paint failing after 15 years. Litho paint can be re applied in the field for a fee but Bronze cannot be reworked to last once the protective barrier wears out.

We at American Headstone Company can help you make tough decisions on your purchase and design. Contact American Headstones today at (949) 228-7055 and allow us to help with your headstone purchase.

Article written by Josh Rapozo of American Headstones

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