Headstones Online and the Influence of the Internet

Working with Cemeteries on Headstone orders

With the influx of internet sales of headstones to the public today, there are many choices when purchasing a granite or Bronze grave marker. These choices include material, size, thickness, designs and photographs. Families want to remember their loved ones with these tributes and although loving and thoughtful they may not meet the regulations set forth by the individual cemeteries.

Always check with your local cemetery for their strict guidelines before you purchase any grave stone, monument or niche wall plate from the internet. Always purchase from your local city supplier whenever possible for they know the regulations and can help you make these difficult choices.

When doing business with a local cemetery such as Mount Sinai in Los Angeles, they have very strict guidelines for monuments and gravestones along with strict SUPPLIER responsibilities. They have a strict delivery schedule limited to only 1 day of the week with a very small window for deliveries. If any of these rules are ignored the marker will be rejected. You are responsible for meeting all of the restrictions and regulations when purchasing outside of their network. But if done in a correct and knowledgeable manner these regulations are fair and clear.

Setting fees for setting the marker is charged to the customer by the cemetery regardless of where you purchase the tombstone. This fee is generally paid by the customer directly to the cemetery. In today’s market place with internet sales at an all time high, the loss of revenue to the cemeteries have made some cemeteries create a very difficult and confusing cycle or process for the consumer. Some of the cemeteries now require the headstone supplier to pay this fee when he delivers the marker instead of having the property owner pay this directly to the cemetery when the family is making the final arrangements. If your supplier misses this step then the stone is rejected when shipped.

In conclusion, always check with the cemetery before you purchase a discount headstone on the internet. You will always get what you pay for, cheaper stones mean costly mistakes.

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Richard Rapozo