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Shopping for Headstones on the Internet

Shopping for granite flat markers, monuments or Bronze markers are almost unlimited on the internet today. There are sites selling almost any granite color And size imaginable. They include attractive pricing, free shipping, unlimited designs and even musical talking lights to keep your loved ones company at night. The days of one on one customer service is almost gone.

online-headstonesCustomers need to pay attention to their cemetery specifications and rules, follow the guidelines or the internet deal will not be accepted when the order arrives at the cemetery. It is not unusual to see UPS, Fed x and other companies driving up to make deliveries from far away places to the local cemeteries today. Most cemeteries only accept Bronze while others will allow granite. Granite markers are always the better choice when marking a grave-site. Granite markers are durable and will not tarnish in the environment. Bronze will Tarnish after a short time while being exposed to weather. Most Bronze markers are sealed with a clear coat but it will wear away and cause the Bronze to dull. Refurbishing is costly and only a short term solution.

Granite designs are unlimited and almost all designs can be cut into stone. Foreign languages and characters are easily engraved in granite with traditional sandblasting techniques. This method makes it easy to cut intricate script and characters. Once the design is completed cutting is easy. Most granite markers today take days to produce from start to finish.

Always shop from a supplier you know or have seen his work at the local cemeteries. Internet companies do not know your regulations as well as your local supplier. You should be concerned about freight damage when ordering from across the USA for delivery can have delays, accidents, leaving you holding the bag when the stone is not what you thought you ordered. Don’t be penny wise and dollar foolish, the granite marker that you place to rest should look and feel like it was created by you and not some generic program on the internet.

,p>Some of the traits you should look for in your headstone provider is the length of manufacturing he has in his field. Is he capable of doing all the photo shop layouts for porcelain photos and for granite stone design for you as you sit with him. Does he have stock that you can look at? Is his shop clean and what is his stance on quality. Remember that all the warranties and guarantees are worthless when you are dealing with an internet company that is located clear across the continent. Do yourself a service and purchase your loved one a crafted quality product from your local supplier. You will be pleased with the outcome and the service. For more information on purchasing a headstone online, contact American Headstones at (949) 235-3881.

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