Cemetery Selection

Cemetery selection is like purchasing a car. There are many options and considerations that the consumer must consider prior to purchasing burial plots. Most cemeteries today are under the corporate umbrella of a major company and sometimes difficult to figure out whom they are. Some Catholic churches are aligned with corporate funeral providers and may seem to be church owned at first glance.

Selecting the Right Cemetery

The consumer will need to know what the requirements are for grave markers, service charges for professional services and costs to place markers on graves. These choices can be expensive once you have made the purchase to be buried in a private cemetery.

Some cemeteries only allow Bronze markers with granite bases and this can be a major setback for families with limited funds.

Corporate cemeteries are geared for the sale of products, opening and closing along with high setting fees. They are generally the first person you see at time of a deceased love one and the sale can be hard pressed at your lowest emotional time.

The other option and best priced would be at your district cemetery. You would need to check with your city for the location. The district is prohibited from selling goods other than burial plots, opening and closing and headstone setting. All district cemeteries allow the least expensive granite markers and will accommodate Bronze markers. So before you commit to a cemetery that will not allow you the freedom of choices visit the district cemeteries and ask the pertinent questions.

Some district cemeteries are El Toro Memorial Park, Little Lake Cemetery in Santa Fe Springs, Artesia Cemetery and Santa Ana Cemetery. These are exceptional cemeteries that are friendly to work with and offer excellent pricing.

The Author

Richard Rapozo