Granite Monument Size Matters

With the influx of granite monument suppliers on the internet today the consumer is often fooled into purchasing the incorrect size flat marker. Companies operating outside of your State sometimes do not understand the local cemetery regulations and will sell you a granite headstone that will not be accepted at your local cemetery. Size does matter in this industry, because a 2” thick granite headstone that is appealing in price on the internet will not meet most cemetery requirements in California. This is a problem once the delivery is made and the headstone is rejected for installation. The major advantage with purchasing from a supplier that operates within your city boundaries is his knowledge of local cemetery rules and restrictions. Along with his knowledge comes his years of cemetery relationship building. When your local seller know the people that he is shipping to, your order will always be correct in size, color and content.

Why Does The Size Matter?

So before you compare by price alone call a local supplier that can communicate with you clearly all of your requirements for the cemetery that your headstone is being delivered to. Along with this most cemeteries have clearly defined delivery days and times when they accept deliveries. If your marker is on a truck on the wrong day and time it will be rejected and the consumer generally is responsible to pay for the return freight.

Be a smart consumer when shopping on price alone. In California most cemeteries have a setting permit that must accompany the shipment or be on file prior to the delivery. Along with this the setting fees for the marker must be paid and on file prior to the delivery. Your local supplier should know this and do this as a service for you so the headstone can be delivered without fear of rejection.

Do yourself a favor and pay the extra dollars and work with a supplier that utilizes best practice techniques and performance standards. We at American Headstone Company have practiced this for 20 years. You can visit us at American Headstones.

The Author

Richard Rapozo