How to be Internet Savvy when Buying a Headstone

Internet Savvy when buying a Headstone

When shopping for a headstone or flat granite marker don’t let the internet hype fool you. Companies out there offer cheap products for less and couple it with “Free freight”. There are many considerations when it comes to the cost, if all you want to do is mark a grave and do not have the funds to spend for a custom designed headstone then perhaps an internet deal is all you need. Your expectations should not be high and expect some real challenges for the delivery.

Some of the things to Consider while Shopping are:

Upright l004Supplier location, your choice of supplier should be close to you so you can visit him and sit while he designs your marker. A generic web site design page cannot allow you all the choices you have as when you sit down face to face. The cost is the same with a sit down session, I promise you will leave with total satisfaction knowing that you have included all the special attributes relating to your loved one.

Here you can view the quality of your supplier, the depth of cut, the granite quality and the capabilities of his shop. An Added bonus is if he can manufacture the porcelain photo as well. He is capable in touching up your photos, he can direct you in using the best photo for the best outcome. This session should not take you more than 90 minutes.

Warranties and Guarantees

Here is an area with empty promises. Most companies guarantee all sorts of things just to get the sale. Most far away companies know that your ability to seek warranty is going to be a futile effort because think about it, All cemeteries have a removal fee and an installation fee for any headstone that you will need to send back to the suppliers factory for warranty. Freight is a huge expense that will be left in your lap to pay. Heavens forbid if it’s a photo that you are not happy about. You will be in charge of removing it then re-installing it on the headstone. This is not an easy task for the beginner.

Free Freight

You do the math at check out from your bargain deal. Most companies charge a higher price for the stone which includes the freight. You paid for the freight.

El-Toro-Memorial-ParkPlease do a little bit of homework before purchasing, always call your cemetery to review the specifications before you start the buying process. Always check size, color and material that is allowed on your grave site. I have talked to many people that call in and just want a “standard headstone”. There are no standard headstones, each gravesite is different and you must first check with the cemetery.

Finally; do business close to home, make sure you can visit your supplier to evaluate his capabilities. Select a supplier that can manufacture the headstone along with the porcelain photo. This will assure you the best prices otherwise he will have to purchase the photo from his supplier. Almost all local suppliers deliver product for minimal charges to almost all local cemeteries in their area. Local suppliers can now stand by their warranties because they are cemetery close for any repairs needed or replacements.

At American Headstone Company, we believe in helping people get the best quality for the best price. We are a porcelain photo manufacturer and deliver the highest quality product. We go above and beyond our customer’s expectations and have been in business since 1997.

Article written by Richard Rapozo of American Headstones

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