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American Headstones Assists Customers With Choosing The Best Headstone With Photo

headstone-with-photoPlanning the funeral necessities for a loved on who has passed is not something a person should do themselves. There is a large quantity of information which should be acquired before setting dates and visiting burial gardens. Ordering a headstone with a photo is one of those arrangements that require prior planning. Our staff at American Headstone wants everything to be perfect so we will help with choosing the headstone and picture style. If you would like to purchase a headstone with photo, contact American Headstones Company at (949) 228-7055 and ask for Josh Rapozo.

All Caring Professionals

Each and every member of our staff has dreaded burying someone who was very dear to their hearts. They will make sure the headstone purchased is within the cemeteries guidelines, something the customer likes, and is within their budget. Different gardens have restrictions and specific guidelines for headstones. This includes length, width, height, and inscriptions. Choosing a headstone with photo requires more information from the cemetery owner.

Colored Or Etched Photo

First off we need to know whether the guidelines allow colored or etched photographs. The photos can with be porcelain or etched directly into the dark colored granite of the headstone.

Colored porcelain photographs are very high quality, and we are in control of the entire process, photo scanning and firing. The size of the picture will also help determine the proper placement for the perfect flush.

Black and white are the common colors for etched photos, but if colors are acceptable we can etch them into the headstone as well. The best granite for this process is premium black, and it will be highly recommended so the customer can receive a high quality photograph.

Photo Rings And Designs

Photo rings can placed around porcelain photos, held in place by glue. This also goes for frames which can be placed around photos. Designs will vary for colored and etched photos. There are shapes of hearts, ovals, circles, squares, and rectangles to choose from.

Fill Out Every Form

The worst that could happen is the headstone order has been planned, paid for, delivered, then returned. We do not want this to happen, so we ask all clients to carefully read and sign each form. The cemetery may require a marker authorization form, and without it signed we cannot place the headstone. This is a problem that rarely occurs, because our team of professionals follow procedure for quality service.

funeral-rules-los-angeles-caDuring these dreaded times keeping within the families budget is detrimental. American Headstones has special offers available daily, even for headstones with photos. Currently there are three specials for photographs, so one should fit within the budget regardless of whether it is low or high. Funeral costs can should be determined upon quality and quantity. For more information on headstone with photo contact Josh Rapozo at American Headstones Company at (949) 228-7055.

Article written by Josh Rapozo of American Headstones

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