Finding a Headstone Monument and Working with Cemetery Requirements

How to Find a Headstone Monument and Working with Cemetery Requirements

It had been a week since my cousin’s funeral in Los Angeles, and it was time to finally see to getting a proper monument for his grave. I was the only family member available to see to the details of what the cemetery would allow for his plot and the requirements that had to be met. I had never done anything like this before and I found the process quite daunting to say the least. I did a lot of research and spoke to more than a few people to try to find the best headstone monument makers in Los Angeles. One name kept coming up: American Headstones. I really needed someone that could walk me through the process and explain just how I could go from trying to figure it all out to actually having the custom headstone ordered, finished and installed. I made an appointment to see them the first Saturday I had off work, since I could not arrange to visit during their weekday hours. American Headstones was very accommodating for me, and made an appointment for me that was convenient for my schedule. They were friendly, courteous and understanding when I explained that I had no idea what I was doing and I would appreciate having my hand held so to speak as I moved through the funeral process. I was honestly terrified I would make a major mistake, or end up ruining the headstone in some way.

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The good people at American Headstones were amazing at helping me get through it all. I was sat down and had the entire process explained to me in detail. They have had headstones placed in all the cemeteries in and around Los Angeles and were familiar with the particular requirements where my cousin had been laid to rest. I was told what to ask at the cemetery regarding what is considered acceptable in design and placement. I was surprised that headstones in Los Angeles cemeteries had to meet so many requirements as to type of material used, color, design and so forth. The advice and guidance I received was priceless, and made an emotionally draining task much less painful. They walked me through the process, and were respectful, kind and courteous through it all, I really don’t think I could have accomplished it properly at all without their assistance in navigating the funeral process. American Headstones proved to be the most knowledgeable and competent company I could have chosen.

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