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Selecting the Best Granite Headstone

Monument suppliers today are faced with difficult purchasing decisions when trying to satisfy the American Consumer. When asked to supply only granite from American quarries and not foreign, this becomes a difficult task while trying to be cost competitive. In this age of internet shopping the consumer has a large selection of suppliers that quote granite markers starting at $139 some offer free freight and sometimes no sales tax? The decision to import granite from Chinese suppliers or India is tempting, they offer a large selection of colors along with high quality machining capabilities. When purchasing large container loads piece prices are very attractive, allowing the manufacturers to be in a very competitive position. The disadvantages of shopping outside of the USA are long lead times, customs and duty along with larger quantity purchase. When quality becomes an issue it is sometimes difficult to solve in a timely manner. Supplier relations become more crucial in these economic times, making sure that each granite block meets our American specification for size, color and finish.

Once landed here in the USA we the Americans put our talents to work in producing a timely work of art, embellishing these granite blocks with colored designs and porcelain photographs. Whether granite is imported or purchased here in the USA we put the finishing touches to each headstone, monument or bench before it is laid in its final resting place. We are proud to say that it was made in America.

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Richard Rapozo