Commemorating Your Loved One with a Memorial Headstone

Memorial headstones give us peace of mind. When we visit the grave site of our loved one we view the headstone as a symbol of remembrance. It reminds us of our loved ones personality, their inspiration and influence on our lives. In many ways the headstones is a comfort to us.

Memorial headstones are typically made of either granite or bronze. These two very different materials are used for their ageless beauty and durability. The most popular is granite which is an igneous rock known as the “rock of ages”. Granite is long lasting in nature represents permanence. Bronze is also long lasting. Its appearance evolves over time due to the surrounding elements. Marble, sandstone and wood have not been used for many years due to corrosion.

Many different colors can be found within these two beautiful and timeless materials. Granite, due to its rock sources, can come in blues, reds, and greens as well as traditional blacks (with variations) and grays (also with variations). Bronze generally comes in its natural brown tones as well as variations of greens. A walk through the cemetery grounds will allow you an opportunity to see the different materials in their various colors and reaction to the elements. Sometimes inscriptions do not show well in the lighter granite colors. That is why black and dark gray are the traditional stones chosen.

Depending on cemetery requirements, headstones come in different sizes, flat on the ground or upright. Some cemeteries allow only granite or only bronze. It is important to check your cemetery regulations before you make a purchase. Cemeteries have the right to refuse a headstone that does not meet their specifications.

Traditional, sophisticated, religious and even whimsical headstones can be created to represent your loved ones cultural traditions, attitudes or beliefs. American Headstone prides itself on creating a memorial headstone depicting your loved ones uniqueness. You may choose from their extensive selection of designs or work with them to create a custom design.

American Headstone will create a beautiful headstone dedicated to the memory of your loved one. Weather you choose granite or marble these materials have been proven to stand the test of time when properly maintained. This tribute to your loved one will carry on for generations.

The Author

Richard Rapozo