The Main Mission of the Santa Ana Cemetery Los Angeles is to Operate in a Dignified Way

Santa Ana Cemetery in Orange County Cemetery District

This beautiful and spacious 29 acre cemetery, “Santa Ana Cemetery Los Angeles” is located at 1919 E. Santa Clara Ave., in Santa Ana, California. The facility is a part of the greater Orange County Cemetery District, which is a completely independent zone governed by an official Board of Trustees.

The main mission of the Santa Ana Cemetery is to operate the facility in a dignified way that is in-line with the cultural values and traditions of the interned individuals and their visiting loved ones. The cemetery’s governing body also holds a high standard of excellence, maintaining the natural beauty and scenic value of the cemetery in a meticulous fashion. A brief walk through the facility will quickly illustrate just how well kept and professionally manicured the sprawling grounds are.

Santa Ana Cemetery

The Santa Ana Cemetery offers several different interment services. The first service offered is the option of standard casket interments. Prices for these interment services generally vary based on the location desired, and other burial arrangements. The second service option offered is the standard cremation process, and the interment of these cremains. Options include in-ground urns, as well as fully licensed and sanctioned scattering ground and gardens. The prices for these services depend on the scattering location desired, or the desired in-ground burial location.

The cemetery is monitored 24/7, lending peace of mind to the loved ones of those interned, as well as the surrounding community. The facility uses state of the art surveillance technology, as well as security personnel for on-site monitoring. It should be noted, however, that the cemetery is always extremely safe and secure year-round.

As is the case with most cemeteries, the Santa Ana Cemetery is governed by strict rules and regulations. The first and most important rule, is that visitors and guests to the facility act respectfully, limit noise, and act in a reverent manner while walking the grounds. Pets are allowed in the cemetery, however, they must be leashed, and they’re strictly forbidden from entering any portion of the grass or garden areas. Another important rule to be aware of, is that internments are not permitted within the cemetery on any officially observed holidays. The office is closed during these holidays as well, reopening the next business day.

The Santa Ana Cemetery is open to visitations from 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM, 7 days a week. Office hours for the facility are open 8:30 AM – 5:00 PM, Monday through Friday.

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