How to Buy Custom Headstones Online with American Headstones

Buy Custom Headstones Online with American Headstones

Losing a loved one is always difficult. It’s hard enough to cope with the emotional loss, but having to deal with all of the final arrangements is over whelming. This is especially true if you want something that stands out from the ordinary. You can spend a fortune on a premium casket, but that’s only seen once. If you want the surviving family to have something special that lasts for a long time, you want a well built marker that everyone can be proud of. It would also be nice to do your browsing from the comfort of home. That’s where we can make things a little easier. If you want to buy headstones online, American Headstones should be your first and only stop. Contact American Headstones Company and order your custom headstone, gravestone, memorial or marker online today.

Classic-Marker-SpecialAt American Headstone, we offer the finest selection of materials and craftsmanship. There are a many different religious icons, as well as secular designs. We provide a large selection of fonts, and can display them large or small. There are many standard designs to chose from, or perhaps you prefer a custom design. Our designers can work with you to create a unique marker that you can be proud of. We can even fire photographs into porcelain tiles.

There is one important thing you need to do before making your selection. You need to get all of the information from the cemetery regarding their acceptable standards for content and materials. Each cemetery has it’s own set of regulations. This list should help you gather the necessary information:

  1. Get a written copy of the cemeteries rules. They have to provide you a copy if requested.
  2. Know completely the size and location of the plot.
  3. Know what materials can be used.
  4. Know the largest and the smallest sizes of markers you can use.
  5. Know if there are symbols or location information required by the cemetery.
  6. Know if there are restrictions on the color of granite or bronze particular to the area.
  7. Know if photographic images are accepted.
  8. Know if there are limitations to edge types.
  9. Know the setting fees and rules. Some cemeteries demand that they set the markers.
  10. Make sure you have all of your paperwork organized and available.

When you think of your loved one, you want to be reminded of something pleasant that will make you smile instead of cry. Contact American Headstones today and speak with Josh Rapozo about purchasing your custom headstones for your loved ones (949) 228-7055.

Article written by Josh Rapozo of American Headstones

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