For All Custom Headstones Always Check the Cemetery Specifications

Customers almost always never check what the requirements from the cemetery are for marking their graves. We get numerous requests for custom headstones of all shapes, sizes and material. The cemetery always has the last word when it comes to accepting a gravestone or monument. Customers spend a lot of time and money designing a marker from Internet sales companies and once it’s sent to the cemetery for installation it is rejected.

headstones los angeles caDon’t get caught making a bad decision for your loved ones headstone. Always call your cemetery for the proper size, material and color for the finished product. We at American Headstones Company will call the cemetery for the customer when in doubt and procure the proper delivery documentation needed during the delivery process. Some cemeteries require a setting fee check from the family to accompany the marker. This a ploy from cemeteries to make it as hard as possible on families when they leave the network and shop outside.

Always call your cemetery counselor and ask for the size before you shop. This will save time and dollars when you are getting multiple quotes.

Good advice is to shop from your local supplier or someone that knows cemetery regulations. We at American Headstones have been serving our California customers for over 20 years and can help you with that difficult decision.

The Author

Josh Rapozo

American Headstone Company is a family business located in southern California. We have been in business since 1983 offering beautiful Granite memorial stones and cast Bronze flat markers and Bronze memorial plates. We are Orange Counties premier supplier of granite markers to the cemetery industry, offering both flat and vertical grave markers. Our expertise is in the custom design of each headstone, cremation marker, pet marker, tombstone, granite memorial plate, flat cemetery markers and stone monuments.