Last Dates Engraving with American Headstones

Last Dates Engraving

Headstones for companion graves may require a second persons information or last dates engraving on an existing stone or monument. This information may be name, dates, words of endearment or a complete new design for the second person. Also you may want to add a porcelain cameo of that person at this time.


It’s simple to do on-site engraving at the cemetery. The stone if not engraved on site will have to be removed and sent out to the engravers shop. This may cost as much as $300 depending on your cemetery. In addition there will be the engravers charge and shipping back to the cemetery. Whereas we would visit your headstone, take font pictures so we can match the font perfectly. We then create a sand blast stencil and go back out and sand blast, ink and clean your marker or monument in one visit.

Photos are installed on site as well, here we would create the stencil, blast out the cavity and cement the cameo in place. On the second visit we then would finish the caulking and sealing of the stone. This eliminates all removal and re-installation fees that the cemetery would charge for the removal of your stone.

We at American Headstones Company can do all of this via the internet e-mail. We visit the site, take font photos, then we send you a drawing showing the layout as its going to be blasted. Once you approve the art we accept payment via credit card or check then schedule the blast.

last dates engraving on headstone

We own and operate our own sand blasting equipment and visit local cemeteries where we are permitted to perform work on their grounds.

We also do special projects for cities, businesses, schools and homeowners for any sand blast engraving on commemoration walls, granite signs or stone bricks.

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