How to Properly Clean your Granite Marker or Headstone

Just a quick recap on how to successfully clean your flat granite marker (on grass) or headstone. I have found many different types of polishes, powders and wet polishes that do nothing more than make the job an all day project. Cost of these specialty polishes are high and means toting down to the cemetery a buffer of sorts and other wipes and cleaners.

clean granite marker or headstone

The simplest approach is the use a Pumice stone. This lava rock made into a rough scouring brick. Pumice is used in many applications primarily to clean calcium buildup on swimming pool tiles. It is also sold as a BBQ grille cleaner. I have found a decent brick on Amazon called the Jumbo Pumie Scouring Brick. It measures 3x3x6” and sells for $9.00 with free shipping.

The process is simple, wet the stone with a light water mist and rub the brick over the polished part of the stone. DO NOT rub over porcelain photos, laser etched designs and deep cut sunken panels. Stay on the polished sections only. With a smooth even motion the granite headstone stone will begin to look new again with most of the calcium buildup being scrubbed away. Rinse clean and now you may apply a granite revitalizer or polish spray from your local hardware store.

Granite headstones can last looking good for many years depending on the water used at your cemetery. Hard water areas are the worst and will require more frequent bricking. For more information on cleaning your granite marker or headstone, contact American Headstones Company at (949) 228-7055.

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Josh Rapozo

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