Pure Porcelain Cameos VS Enameled Steel Cameos

Which Is Better: Pure Porcelain Cameos VS Enameled Steel Cameos

On our most recent trip to visit some of our family’s headstone markers we decided to document how pure porcelain cameos hold up to the test of time versus cameos made from enameled steel. To recognize a pure porcelain cameo look for the ones that are slightly domed shaped on the surface while the enameled steel ones are flat. After a quick walk around the cemetery it was very evident to us that the pure porcelain cameos had held up better, in fact one of the oldest photos we could find that was still in near perfect condition was a pure porcelain cameo. See the photos below. A majority of enameled steel photos that had the littlest bit of damage to their surface were starting to corrode, rust and flake off. As the years passed you could literally see the damaged enameled steel photos get worse and worse. In the photos you will see the pure porcelain photo that was made 81 years ago is of my great grandfather, this test of time is why we here at American Headstones Company have chosen to make and sell only pure porcelain cameos for our memorial headstone markers and to the families that trust us.

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Josh Rapozo

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