4,000 Families are Entrusted to the Care of the Ascension Cemetery

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Located in the heart of Southern California in Los Angeles, is Ascension Cemetery. The Trustees of St. Patrick’s Cathedral established it in 1966 as an accommodation to the rising volume of Catholic families that were relocating from neighboring states to surrounding counties. In 1960, they initially acquired 200 acres of wooded land and later developed an additional 35 acres in time for the blessing in June of 1967.

The cemetery not only supplies grounded burial plots but features a beautiful garden mausoleum structure as well. This amendment was designed to offer ground top outside crypts for niches and entombment for those who elect cremation services. The main attraction of the constructed site is the chapel that seems to hover over the office of the mausoleum structure. It is strategically placed in a calm and serene area that delivers a natural environment of peace and comfort. The chapel is also conveniently used by families during ground burial services of which inclement weather is a factor.

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An excess of more than 4,000 Catholic families are entrusted to the care of the ascension cemetery. The average number of annual grave committals, cremation niches and mausoleum crypts is upwards of 170. Ground burial sites are divided among 5 completely developed areas. In the year of 1990, the cemetery office and a mausoleum community chapel with both niches and crypts were constructed. There are many features and notables that really enhance the ambiance and feel of the cemetery. The entry way is adorned with a carved scene of Jesus as He ascends into the heavens. The pond which must be crossed to access the complex and cemetery office is a beautiful work of landscaped nature that further enhances the beauty of the grounds. The cemetery area is embossed with shrines throughout it as well.

The blessed grounds of this final resting place are an instrument of peace that is greatly utilized by Catholics and their family members for rest among saints. Placing loved ones who have passed on among others with similar beliefs is an critical part of Catholic tradition. There is the added comfort of resting among other Catholics who stand firm on their belief of the resurrection and the trust upon a promise of eternal life for the followers of Christ. Consistent visitation of the deceased is greatly encouraged of the family members following the final services of their loved ones.

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