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Why You Should Keep Your New York Dating Options Open

There is every possibility to date several people at a time and the people you’ve dated are more likely to have done the same. You could be seeing one person today and also spending your tomorrow night with another. In today’s modern world, the act of seeing several people has become the reality of dating. While most people are not interested in knowing if the person they are seeing has several other options in the running, it may not actually be such a bad idea to play the field. In case you are wondering where this conversation is heading, here are some reasons why you should keep your New York dating options open.

Don’t put all your eggs in one basket

This is a true saying that does not only apply to financial investments alone. As a matter of fact, you are surely going to be left devastated when the person you got too invested in leaves you and chooses someone else. Of course, it does happen not only in the movies. Chances are that the person you are dating is seeing other persons too. So, why make an individual your priority if all you are to them is merely an option. Just so you know, others have already got several New York dating options.

Learn more about yourself

The truth is, you tend to learn so much about yourself when dating different people at a time. Maybe you are yet to understand that you could actually have a couple of days or a week to yourself or you often feel jealous of people who are friends with their ex or that you are intimidated by someone who makes more money than you. Well, whatever your situation is, you tend to know more about yourself and others when you date several people.

Heartbreak is far from it

You won’t put up with emotional trauma if you have more than one person on your dating list. Interestingly, you will be less likely to put up with someone who’s anything less than you deserve, who is maltreating you, or who is canceling on you. You will surely find solace and the attention you need in others if one is not doing so.

Figure out what you want

If you’ve never experienced something, you can rarely know what you want. For instance, you may never actually know that being with a professional (such as a medical doctor, lawyer, engineer etc.) may sound great in your head if you’ve never been with one before. You may not know the type of person you want to be with expect you meet such a one. The truth of the matter is that you can never be too sure what works best for you and what doesn’t until you’ve sampled several New York dating options.

Get adequate fulfillment

Not everyone can solve your needs but you can get more of your needs fulfilled when you’ve got more people by your side. Playing the field gives you more satisfaction to your various needs but it’s tough finding the perfect person.