Jewish Youth Coaching

Jewish Youth Coaching

Jewish Youth Coaching

Imparting the correct values into the youths is vital to creating a generation of Jews that will change the world for good. The caveat is that you need to engage them the right way. So here are some tips on how you could do that.

Catch Them Young

The best time to get Jewish youth to learn about Judaism online would be as teens. Especially when they already have some positive Jewish learning experiences.

It is a great idea to build relationships before the B’nai mitzvah. You might also want to rework the religious school curriculum, generate social opportunities, or try interacting with families simultaneously. Younger teens often copy what older teens do, so bear that in mind when engaging them.

Create the Right Environment

All the top-notch programs are nothing if they are not implemented in the right environment. Please find a way to create an atmosphere where the teens can find out more about themselves, make friends, and feel valued. This way, the online Jewish classes you introduce will be a lot easier to assimilate

Let It Be Age-Specific

There is this thing about age and psychological and emotional maturity. So keep your programs age-specific at all times. That is the only way to get the best out of the youths you engage.

You Need The Right Team

It is nearly impossible to engage youths all by yourself. No matter how gifted you are as a youth coach. You’d always need support with those things that you can’t handle by yourself. Having the right team also comes in handy when working on an introduction to Judaism online or online Judaism classes. So find ways to build the right team around you. The better your team is, the more effective your engagement with the youths are.

Listen to Them

 The programs are meant for teens/youths, right?. So how about you get to listen to what they want or the issues they struggle with. If you listen closely, you will create material that resonates with them. And once you achieve that, you have succeeded in reaching them where it matters most. What is the point of having online Jewish classes that they can’t relate to?

Keep It Real

You should whitewash anything when engaging them at this point in their lives. Your goals are to prepare them for the real world while having the right morals and attributes required. So keep the content of your online Jewish classes as authentic as possible. This way, they have a blueprint that they can live by.

Get in touch with us to change the world

Ralph Messer, the founder of Simchat Torah Beit Midrash is an experienced Jewish youth coache passionate about changing the world, one person at a time. Through the International Center for Torah Studies, he’s been able to impart enviable values to thousands of people online and offline. The courses take students through various layers of learning, starting from foundational concepts and models to advanced learning courses. Contact us today for a tour of the facility or register for a program and become one of the learners.  

Jewish Youth Coaching

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Jewish Youth Coaching

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