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HeadstonesAmerican Headstones is the perfect place to do business with if you’re looking for a combination of a terrific product, affordable prices and a wealth of information that will ensure that you don’t waste time or money when it comes to the purchase of your memorial.

Not only does American Headstones supply the products their customers are looking for, their website is set up to be a valuable source of information during what is one of the most difficult times in the lives of those who are preparing a memorial service or purchasing a marker as a memorial. You may be surprised to find out that the cemetery where you will be placing your marker most likely has regulations that must be met. Before buying a headstone or marker, it’s imperative that you find out their particular regulations.

Visitors to find their “10 Things to Know Before Purchasing a Headstone” article to be one of the most valuable pieces of information when it comes to making a purchase for a marker. Since all cemeteries have their own set of rules and regulations, or what they will and will not allow to be installed in their cemetery, customers purchasing headstones without this piece of knowledge may find that they’ve wasted a lot of time and money in ordering a product they are not able to use.

Regulations may have to do with the type of material that your marker can be made of, the minimum and maximum size allowed, the color, and whether there are required emblems or engravings or ones that are disallowed. Since there is so much to know, it can be very effective to print out the information from and contact the cemetery while referring to the checklist. Many newer cemeteries strive to keep a uniform look to their gardens and require strict observance of their codes.

After determining what is and what is not allowed, you’ll find that American Headstones provides one of the best online selections of quality flat markers, slanted markets, upright headstones, memorials, plaques and much more. Upright market moments are one of the most popular products on and are traditionally constructed of a base and a tablet. The tablet comes in a variety of sized and colors while the granite can be polished on all 5 sides, or just on 1 side, depending on your preference.

Custom monuments and headstones are intricate, handcrafted works of art that are offered in many designs, colors and sizes. Just be sure to check with your cemetery before placing your custom order directly with American Headstones. Josh Rapozo can create almost any custom monument and headstone that can be imagined.

To place a custom order or standard order, please call American Headstones at 949-228-7055. If you have questions, feel free to visit where you’ll find a wealth of information, photo galleries, blog articles and more, all designed to help you obtain the perfect headstone or memorial to meet your needs.
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