Engraving Headstones Los Angeles

Engraving Headstones Los Angeles

Whenever you lose a loved one, the chances are good that you will spend quite some time thinking about what will be written on the headstone or marker. An epitaph is what the short message is called that is put on the headstone and it goes along with the name of the departed, their birth date, and the death date. The goal is to leave some words of remembrance or to share some of the values that the deceased held dear. When you are wondering what is involved when making the selection of an epitaph and engraving headstones in Los Angeles, doing your research in advance will be extremely helpful.

Choosing the wording for an epitaph can be a difficult task for many people. How can you take a few words and sum up an entire life without leaving out the most important parts? Should you find that your loved one did not leave you any specific instructions on what to do for a gravestone inscription, you will want to take some time to ponder the right words to say. After they are gone, you are going to go through a whirlwind of emotions initially, so you never want to regret the words that you settle on for the headstone engraving.

Epitaph Engraving Tips

When you are thinking about engraving headstones in Los Angeles, you need to remember that less is often better when it comes to the wording. You may be limited to just a few lines so you need to make it short and to the point. Try to picture the person’s voice in your mind as you are writing the words. Is this something that he or she would say? Will the wording be spoken to an audience or should it be wording that will describe the life of the deceased? This is a decision that is a personal choice and it will often depend on the life of the deceased and their personality or wants. Just remember that the wording should be timeless because the engraving will be on the headstone for an eternity.

Headstone Design

When selecting the wording for a headstone, you also need to take into consideration the style of the marker itself. If you do not have much room, then you need to ensure you are not going too long with the wording. A professional headstone engraver will be able to give you all of the pointers that you need when it comes to making sure that you are picking out the best wording and epitaph length for the desired headstone.

American Headstones Company is there for you when you need help with engraving headstones in Los Angeles. We have worked with countless customers to come up with a stunning, memorable design for the headstone of their loved one. We can discuss your options for the layout, font, and even help you to pick out lettering in a different language. When you want to make sure that the epitaph written on a headstone is perfect, our professional staff is available to offer guidance and support in this very difficult time for your family.

Engraving Headstones Los Angeles
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