Clarence McClendon Ministries

Clarence McClendon Ministries

For people looking for a community, a group of people who share the same views and faith as them, Clarence McClendon Ministries might just be the best choice. Bishop McClendon is striving to expand his Kingdom and spread the word of Jesus. McClendon is recognized as a prophet around the world. Thanks to today’s digital world, he is able to share his word with a global audience.

Prophetic Community

People all around the world can join McClendon’s prophetic community online. It is completely free to join, and members have an easy way to communicate with each other. Members can share their thoughts and feelings with others and facilitate discussions about faith and more. In a time like this, when many people are isolated and feeling alone, the prophetic community found in Clarence McClendon Ministries can be just what they need.

Global Communion

Reaching a global audience is what Clarence McClendon Ministries does best. Bringing people around the world together is what they do best, and they can do it so much easier with all of the technology available. One way they do this is by live-streaming a global communion once a week. People can watch by going to the Bishop McClendon website, or they can download the app. There are many aspects of the McClendon Ministries that allow people everywhere to join, but the live communions are where everyone can come together at the same time. Members can tune in and listen to the word of God straight from the prophet Clarence McClendon. With many places of worship not able to open because of the current pandemic, watching this global communion can be the best option to get to continue practicing your faith.

Upcoming Academy

There is already so much about McClendon Ministries that makes it one of the best places of worship around, and they are adding new aspects all the time. Something they are working on right now is The Academy of Healing and Wellness. They are planning to reveal more about it soon, and the easiest way to stay up to date is by visiting the website or downloading the app. By looking at the name, it will likely have something to do with healing, just like The Place of Grace.

The Place of Grace

The Place of Grace in Los Angeles, California is something that draws people from all walks of life to McClendon Ministries. It is a place where people can go to be healed by the anointing of Jesus Christ. Everyone is worthy of healing, and Clarence McClendon does not want anyone to feel like they are not able to benefit from The Place of Grace.

Getting in Touch

The easiest way to get in touch with the Clarence McClendon Ministries community is by going to the website. From there, you can watch the live communions, joining the prophetic community, and find all the information you need. You can even download the app to access the community from your phone, anywhere at any time. You can also Contact Clarence E. McClendon at 310-323-2600.

Clarence McClendon Ministries

Clarence E McClendon Ministries

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