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Whenever a human body is actually buried in a cemetery, some type of marker, generally called a gravestone, is usually placed at the head of the grave to determine who’s buried there. The marker generally says the title of the individual who died, as well as the dates of death and birth, and can also include other private information, pictures, or even a quote, considered an epitaph. Headstones come in a number of styles, and can be created out of several different types of materials, dependent on the wishes of the family members. American Headstone Company provides a wide selection of memorable and dignified headstones which will mark the place where your loved one finds their final resting place.

American Headstone Company has been providing beautiful and timeless granite and bronze headstones for over the last thirty five years. If you would like us to create a one-of-a-kind gravestone for your loved one, we will meet with you and review all of your specifications and wishes. We have many unique styles and sizes of headstones, and we can custom design any type of marker that you would consider appropriate. It is also extremely important that you research the cemetery of your choosing, and ensure that your design requests meet their rules and regulations before you purchase your stone. We fully understand that this is extremely difficult time in your life, and we will make this process as easy as possible for you.

The majority of headstones are usually made of either bronze or granite, or perhaps a mix of the two. Granite ranges in color from grays to pinks to blacks and browns. Engraving is frequently obtainable in an assortment of styles, as well as typefaces. Monument headstones are available in numerous various shapes and sizes, which range from the usual rectangles to elaborate sculptures. Flat markers may be completely level and may even include integrated flower vases. Again, we strongly suggest that you are familiar with the requirements of which ever cemetery you and your loved one have chosen.

Every cemetery in California has rules regarding the kinds of headstones it allows, including rules concerning headstone style, sizing, and features. Prior to looking for a headstone, discover what the rules actually are at the cemetery you’re dealing with. Additionally, numerous cemeteries have interactions with headstone vendors that they are going to require you to work with. These requirements are going to greatly impact the purchasing decisions that you make. In other words, if the cemetery that you are working with won’t allow a marker from a certain vendor, it would be pointless to purchase one from them.

If we can provide more information regarding a headstone or a gravestone that you may be interested in, American Headstone Company would request that you visit our website. At, you can view many samples of our work directly on our home page. You can leave your contact information, request a quote, or please call us at 949.228.7055 for any further information.

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